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General community for the Noblesse manhwa by Son Jae Ho and Lee Gwang Su
// Just Take a Bow //
Welcome to Noblesse_Manhwa!
This journal aims to bring together fans of this awesome manhwa, in an attempt to give more coverage and appreciation. Here you can:
-Post news: from raw releases to merchandise, author's comments, doujinshi scanlations, etc;
-Post graphics: icons, fanart, wallpapers;
-Discuss: character traits, plotline, questions you need answered;
-Post videos;
-Post fanfiction, quizzes, polls and stories.

So in short: everything that has to do with Noblesse and you feel like sharing with everyone else^^.

(some simple guidelines for online communities)
. All entries should pertain or be related in some way with Noblesse;
. Spoilers must be kept under LJ-cut. Here's how to LJ-cut;
. Long posts must be under LJ-cut;
. Use tags, it helps for everyone find themes they're looking for much faster;
. Be considerate with all members, we are looking for a relaxed and progressive environment in this community. In other words, everyone is entitled to their opinion;
. Mature content must be friend locked or warned. LJ-cut is, again, requested;
. No spamming, please;
. Last but definitely not least: have fun!

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