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Let's take a bow~ || Noblesse Manhwa ||
1st-Mar-2015 08:43 am - FANFICTION - GEN
the gazette ➙ kai
Title: Suyi's Distress
Author: rinhail
Status: Complete
Characters: Suyi, original character, and Karias.
Rating/Warnings: PG13, foul language.
Summary: Suyi finds herself in front of the enemy.
9th-Oct-2014 03:53 pm - FANFICTION - ANGST
the gazette ➙ kai
Author: rinhail
Status: In-progress
Characters: Cast
Rating/Warnings: PG13; overall violence, foul language, blood, possible character death, and lots of angst.
Summary: The children don't know what's harder: being lied to all this time or discovering the persons they adored aren't even human.
30th-Sep-2014 08:30 am - Fanfiction - Gen
the gazette ➙ kai
Title: Being a Hyung
Author: rinhail
Status: Complete
Characters: Ik-han & Tao
Rating: Warnings: PG13 for suggestive themes, OOC, light shounen-ai, underage seduction, and maybe a bad word.
Summary: Ik-han wants something from his hyung and Tao on one hand wants to resist, and the other...
the gazette ➙ kai
Title: Heart of Blood
Author: rinhail
Status: Work in Progress, Multi-chapter
Characters: Everybody
Rating/Warnings: PG13, but nothing for chapter one.
Summary: The kids are more than they seem and Raizel is about to find out the hard way.
20th-Jun-2014 07:08 pm - Fanfic - Gems (no pairings, comedy)
the gazette ➙ kai
Title: Gems
Authored by: Rinhail
Characters: Shinwoo Han, Raizel and Frankenstein
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Nude imagery, a tiny bit of foul language and Frankenstein in general.
Summary: Shinwoo shows Raizel the "gems" you can find online.
1st-Apr-2013 07:19 pm - Noblesse 278
Eventful chapters the past weeks. But this week's chapter brings quite some new developments!

Noblesse 278 [Naver]

Noblesse 278 [Scanlation]
19th-Feb-2013 08:56 am - Noblesse 270-272
The latest chapter
Noblesse 272

And the previous chapters
Noblesse 270
Noblesse 271
So I noticed that the community just turned 2 years, and to celebrate I checked a couple of websites and found proper scans of the amazing covers of Books season 3 and season 4 - each divided into 3 books.

Noblesse Season 3 and Season 4 Book CoversCollapse )

Also, last week (chapter 269), was an announcement at the end of the chapter on Noblesse S, the online novel. Now several chapters are available for free! Looks like it has a script-like format, so anyone interested in translating, go ahead ^^ - as far as I understand, no group has done so yet.

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